About Menarini Australia
Our History

Menarini began as a small Naples laboratory under the name “Farmacia Internazionale” in 1886. This business transferred to Florence in 1915 where our head offices are still located. Today the Menarini Group is the world’s leading Italian pharmaceutical company.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Menarini broadened its horizons beyond its domestic borders, developing strong relationships with other important Italian pharmaceutical companies. By joining our resources and energy with these valued partners, Menarini created a strong platform to compete in international markets. During this era, Menarini added the Diagnostic Division to the ethical drug business.

In the 1990s, Menarini reached the number one position in the ranking of Italian pharmaceutical companies, and then began to focus on rapid expansion throughout Europe and the rest of the world with the acquisition or opening of affiliate companies. This included the acquisition of Berlin Chemie in 1992, a strategic move enabling Menarini to extend its global reach and strengthen its growth trajectory. Menarini diversified its portfolio further by adding the OTC Division in 1994.

Menarini continued its global journey acquiring Invida Asia-Pacific in 2011, leveraging the synergistic strengths between the two companies. Invida had built a strong reputation as a Contract Sales and in-licensing partner and Menarini has continued to grow and develop these functions by identifying and seeking out new opportunities for collaboration.

This acquisition also gave Menarini a foothold in 13 major Asia-Pacific markets with the local knowledge and expertise to deliver innovative healthcare brands that improve the health of our communities. To create a single, global unified brand, Invida Australia adopted the name A. Menarini Australia Pty Ltd on 12/12/12.