About Menarini Australia
Our Responsibility

At work…

Menarini Australia is committed to ensuring that our medicines are used judiciously, appropriately, safely and efficaciously.

As Menarini Australia expands rapidly, demonstrating ethical leadership is a key priority. We strive to have employees who are proud to work for, and customers and partners who want to work with, our Company. Our policies on business conduct are consistently reviewed to ensure they meet or exceed evolving legal standards as well as societal expectations.

To the environment…

Menarini Australia is committed to minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment and we comply with all of the relevant federal and state laws, rules, regulations and guidelines.

To our community…

Menarini Australia is committed to supporting the communities where our patients live, work and play.

As a recently established pharmaceutical organization, Menarini Australia is keen to identify the individuals, organisations and endeavours that may benefit from our support.

In addition, we will continue to support patient organisations that share our passion and commitment for invigorating lives.

Menarini Group Code of Conduct