Consumer Medicine Information
Consumer Medicine Information

Menarini Australia offers an impressive and diversified suite of prescription products from primary care to highly targeted biologics. The company continues to enter new therapeutic areas in cardiovascular, respiratory, male sexual health, dermatology, pain and musculoskeletal. Consistent with our mission and purpose to improve the lives of patients, we are also very proud to offer life changing, and in some cases life saving, orphan drugs for the treatment of extremely rare diseases.

Brand NameGeneric Name CMI Download
Edecrin (etacrynic acid)etacrynic acidClick here
Nebilet® (nebivolol)nebivololNebilet LogoClick here
Bretaris® Genuair® (aclidinium bromide)
Watch the "How to use" video
aclidinium bromideClick here
Brimica® Genuair® (aclidinium bromide and formoterol (eformoterol) fumarate dihydrate)
Watch the "How to use" video
aclidinium bromide and formoterol (eformoterol) fumarate dihydrateClick here
Men’s Sexual Health
Priligy® (dapoxetine)dapoxetineClick here
Spedra® (avanafil)avanafilClick here
Solaraze® (diclofenac sodium)diclofenac sodiumSolaraze LogoClick here
Rare diseases (Orphan drugs)
Orfadin® (nitisinone)nitisinoneClick here for ORFADIN® Capsules
Click here for ORFADIN® Oral Suspension
Adenuric® (febuxostat)febuxostatClick here
Kineret® (anakinra)
Patient Education Resources
anakinraKineret LogoClick here
Abstral® (fentanyl citrate)fentanyl citrateAbstral LogoClick here