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Men’s Sexual Health: Education and Awareness

Menarini Australia is committed to supporting efforts within the community and among health care professionals that are aimed at raising awareness of and improving education about men’s sexual health.

At the community level this support is delivered through an online resource tool www.ControlPE.com.au. The site provides information about male sexual health along with tips and suggested strategies to assist men when raising these issues with their doctor. By making it available online, men and their partners can view the information at a time and place that suits them. In doing so, we aim to shine a light on the issue of Premature Ejaculation.

PE AusDoc onlineFor health care professionals our support is directed at maintaining and extending the availability of information and research  through educational initiatives. In 2015-16, Menarini Australia is supporting the delivery of online education about matters relating to men’s sexual health through an online AusDoc Education module.