Partner With Us
Partner With Us

At Menarini Australia, we are committed to ensuring early and affordable access to treatment options.

This commitment is anchored not just in the broad range of products we deliver and the diversity and strength of our pipeline, but also in the support and assistance we provide to facilitate the delivery of treatments from elsewhere within the industry.

Menarini Australia has a long and proud heritage of providing our partner organisations with professional, disciplined and energetic pharmaceutical product teams that can raise awareness of a treatment by giving it a voice and an advocate to bring its potential to life.

We understand the value of working with other pharmaceutical companies that share our mission to improve the lives of patients.

These partnerships are governed by the highest international standards of compliance and transparency that is expected by our partners and of our industry.

Menarini Australia supports the broader pharmaceutical industry in two ways:

  • Product partnering (In-licensing, co-marketing, co-promotion): We are interested in partnering with other pharmaceutical companies utilising the experience and expertise of each to facilitate the delivery of a treatment option that may otherwise not be possible.
  • Contract Sales Teams: Operating within the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct, we offer co-promotional opportunities with our sales teams.