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Menarini Australia is proud to be part of an industry that is responsible for the discovery, development and delivery of medicines and vaccines that change, and save, lives.

The dramatic improvement in human health over the past 100 years is in large part due to the impact of the pharmaceutical industry.

Life expectancy has increased, rates of cancer and cardiovascular disease have dropped and children no longer die from common infectious diseases such as measles the way they used to.

In addition to the impact on health, our industry employs 14,000 Australians and exports goods worth more than $4 billion a year – more than any other high-tech manufacturing exporter.

We work within a highly regulated – and at times challenging – operating environment and according to the strictest manufacturing and medical guidelines and marketing code of conduct. We are one of the biggest employers of scientists, doctors and researchers and have a reputation for providing high skill, high value employment.

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